Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Massive Recruitment 2012 (http://www.dragnetnigeria.com/fcsc/registration.aspx)

Federal Civil Service Commission(FCSC) Massive Recruitment 2012(http://www.dragnetnigeria.com/fcsc/registration.aspx)


Welcome to the Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment portal. We are looking for the best people from all parts of the country who are committed to serving the Nigerian people.We have updated the recruitment process to make it easier for capable Nigerians to apply for a job in the Federal Civil Service Commission. The new process not only eases the application process itself but gives more Nigerians an opportunity to apply to the Federal Civil Service Commission, and allows the Federal Civil Service Commission become more efficient in processing job applications.This new process applies to ALL applicants, including those who have recently applied using the old application process (via a physical application form).

The new application process is as follows:

1.            You are required to register and obtain your login details (ID and password). Please remember your login details, it will be required each time you want to apply for a particular vacancy. If you forget your password, use the service provided to retrieve it and an email will be sent to your e-mail address.

2.            After registration, in order to apply for any of the vacancies listed, update your CV, then follow the “Available vacancies” link provided.You will be prompted to input your ID and password to apply for your chosen vacancy.

3.            The new improved application process also allows you to update and amend your CV information at any time. This is useful for example in the event that you may have completed a new course relevant to the job you are applying for. To update and amend your CV, follow the link provided. You require your ID and password.

To Apply:

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